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    • Constricted Microfluidic Devices to Study the Effects of Transient High Shear Exposure on Platelets 

      Alsmadi, Nesreen Z.; Shapiro, Sarah J.; Lewis, Christopher S.; Sheth, Vinit M.; Snyder, Trevor A.; Schmidtke, David W. (Amer Inst Physics, 2018-10-01)
      Due to the critical roles that platelets play in thrombosis during many biological and pathological events, altered platelet function may be a key contributor to altered hemostasis, leading to both thrombotic and hemorrhagic ...
    • Functional Cargo Delivery into Mouse and Human Fibroblasts Using a Versatile Microfluidic Device 

      Lam, Kevin H.; Fernandez-Perez, A.; Schmidtke, David W.; Munshi, N. V.
      Efficient intracellular cargo delivery is a key hurdle for the translation of many emerging stem cell and cellular reprogramming therapies. Recently, a microfluidic-based device constructed from silicon was shown to transduce ...
    • The Effect of Microfluidic Geometry on Myoblast Migration 

      Atmaramani, Rahul; Black, Brian J.; Lam, Kevin H.; Sheth, Vinit M.; Pancrazio, Joseph J.; Schmidtke, David W.; Alsmadi, Nesreen Zoghoul
      In vitro systems comprised of wells interconnected by microchannels have emerged as a platform for the study of cell migration or multicellular models. In the present study, we systematically evaluated the effect of ...