Michael Kolodrubetz is an Assistant Professor of Physics. His research interests include:

  • Periodically-driven systems
  • Geometry and dynamics
  • Controlled quantum systems
  • Kibble-Zurek scaling
  • Thermalization and ergodicity

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2020 recipient of an NSF CAREER award.

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Recent Submissions

  • Landau Levels, Bardeen Polynomials, and Fermi Arcs in Weyl Semimetals: Lattice-Based Approach to the Chiral Anomaly 

    Behrends, J.; Roy, S.; Kolodrubetz, Michael H.; Bardarson, J. H.; Grushin, A. G.
    Condensed matter systems realizing Weyl fermions exhibit striking phenomenology derived from their topologically protected surface states as well as chiral anomalies induced by electromagnetic fields. More recently, ...
  • Floquet Quantum Criticality 

    Berdanier, W.; Kolodrubetz, Michael; Parameswaran, S. A.; Vasseur, R.
    We study transitions between distinct phases of one-dimensional periodically driven (Floquet) systems. We argue that these are generically controlled by infinite-randomness fixed points of a strong-disorder renormalization ...
  • Topological Floquet-Thouless Energy Pump 

    Kolodrubetz, Michael H.; Nathan, Frederik; Gazit, Snir; Morimoto, Takahiro; Moore, Joel E.
    We explore adiabatic pumping in the presence of a periodic drive, finding a new phase in which the topologically quantized pumped quantity is energy rather than charge. The topological invariant is given by the winding ...
  • Absence of Thermalization in Finite Isolated Interacting Floquet Systems 

    Seetharam, Karthik; Titum, Paraj; Kolodrubetz, Michael; Refael, Gil (Amer Physical Soc, 2018-10-22)
    Conventional wisdom suggests that the long-time behavior of isolated interacting periodically driven (Floquet) systems is a featureless maximal-entropy state characterized by an infinite temperature. Efforts to thwart this ...