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    • A Machine Learning Based Hard Fault Recuperation Model for Approximate Hardware Accelerators 

      Taher, Farah Naz; Callenes-Sloan, J.; Schaefer, Benjamin Carrion
      Continuous pursuit of higher performance and energy efficiency has led to heterogeneous SoC that contains multiple dedicated hardware accelerators. These accelerators exploit the inherent parallelism of tasks and are often ...
    • Common-Mode Failure Mitigation: Increasing Diversity Through High-Level Synthesis 

      Taher, Farah Naz; Joslin, Matthew; Balachandran, A.; Zhu, Zhiqi; Schaefer, Benjamin Carrion (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-03-25)
      Fault tolerance is vital in many domains. One popular way to increase fault-tolerance is through hardware redundancy. However, basic redundancy cannot cope with Common Mode Failures (CMFs). One way to address CMF is through ...