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    • Examining Neural Correlates of Skill Acquisition in a Complex Videogame Training Program 

      Prakash, Ruchika S.; De Leon, Angeline A.; Mourany, Lyla; Lee, Hyunkyu; Voss, Michelle W.; Boot, Walter R.; Basak, Chandramallika; Fabiani, Monica; Gratton, Gabriele; Kramer, Arthur F.
      Acquisition of complex skills is a universal feature of human behavior that has been conceptualized as a process that starts with intense resource dependency, requires effortful cognitive control, and ends in relative ...
    • The Search for Noise-Induced Cochlear Synaptopathy in Humans: Mission Impossible? 

      Bramhall, N.; Beach, E. F.; Epp, B.; Le Prell, Colleen G.; Lopez-Poveda, E. A.; Plack, C. J.; Schaette, R.; Verhulst, S.; Canlon, B.
      Animal studies demonstrate that noise exposure can permanently damage the synapses between inner hair cells and auditory nerve fibers, even when outer hair cells are intact and there is no clinically relevant permanent ...