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    • Multiple-Access Channel Resolvability with Cribbing 

      Helal, Noha; Bloch, M.; Nosratinia, Aria
      We study channel resolvability for the discrete memoryless multiple access channel with cribbing, i.e., the characterization of the amount of randomness required to approximate an i.i.d. output distribution in terms of ...
    • ZIF-8 Degrades in Cell Media, Serum, and Some—but Not All—Common Laboratory Buffers 

      Luzuriaga, Michael A.; Benjamin, Candace E.; Gaertner, Michael W.; Lee, Hamilton; Herbert, Fabian C.; Mallick, Snipta; Gassensmith, Jeremiah J. (Taylor and Francis Ltd., 2019-05-11)
      Drug delivery using metal-organic frameworks (MOF) has elicited interest in their biocompatibility; however, few studies have been conducted on their stability in common buffers, cell media, and blood proteins. In particular, ...