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dc.contributor.authorXu, Liang
dc.contributor.authorImenabadi, Rouzbeh Molaei
dc.contributor.authorVandenberghe, William G.
dc.contributor.authorHsu, Julia W. P.
dc.descriptionIncludes supplementary material
dc.description.abstractThe performance of hybrid organic-inorganic metal halide perovskite solar cells is investigated using one-dimensional drift-diffusion device simulations. We study the effects of interfacial defect density, doping concentration, and electronic level positions of the charge transport layer (CTL). Choosing CTLs with a favorable band alignment, rather than passivating CTL-perovskite interfacial defects, is shown to be beneficial for maintaining high power-conversion efficiency, due to reduced minority carrier density arising from a favorable local electric field profile. Insights from this study provide theoretical guidance on practical selection of CTL materials for achieving high-performance perovskite solar cells.
dc.description.sponsorshipNational Science Foundation No. DMR-1305893.
dc.publisherAmer Inst Physics
dc.rightsCC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
dc.rights©2018 The Authors
dc.subjectElectron distribution
dc.subjectSolar cells
dc.titleMinimizing Performance Degradation Induced by Interfacial Recombination in Perovskite Solar Cells through Tailoring of the Transport Layer Electronic Properties
dc.description.departmentErik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationXu, Liang, Rouzbeh Molaei Imenabadi, William G. Vandenberghe, and Julia W. P. Hsu. 2018. "Minimizing performance degradation induced by interfacial recombination in perovskite solar cells through tailoring of the transport layer electronic properties." APL Materials 6(3): Art. 036104, doi:10.1063/1.5021138
dc.source.journalAPL Materials
dc.contributor.utdAuthorXu, Liang
dc.contributor.utdAuthorImenabadi, Rouzbeh Molaei
dc.contributor.utdAuthorVandenberghe, William G.
dc.contributor.utdAuthorHsu, Julia W. P.
dc.contributor.ORCID0000-0003-2710-5227 (Xu, L)
dc.contributor.ORCID0000-0002-7821-3001 (Hsu, JWP)

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CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
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