Kevin Hamlen is a Eugene McDermott Professor of Computer Science and a Senior Technical Advisor of UT Dallas' Cyber Security Research and Education Institute. His research focus is language-based security with the following research topics:

  • In-lined reference monitors
  • Type-safe intermediate languages
  • Abstract interpretation
  • Model-checking
  • Proof-carrying code
  • Certifying compilers
  • Software cyber-deception
  • Malware defense
  • Cloud computing security

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Recent Submissions

  • CUDA au Coq: A Framework for Machine-Validating GPU Assembly Programs 

    Ferrell, Benjamin; Duan, Jun; Hamlen, Kevin W. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-03-25)
    A prototype framework for formal, machine-checked validation of GPU pseudo-assembly code algorithms using the Coq proof assistant is presented and discussed. The framework is the first to afford GPU programmers a reliable ...
  • Visualvital: An Observation Model for Multiple Sections of Scenes 

    Duan, Jun; Zhang, Kang; Hamlen, Kevin W.
    A computational methodology for reorienting, repositioning, and merging camera positions within a region under surveillance is proposed, so as to optimally cover all features of interest without overburdening human or ...
  • Decentralized IoT Data Management Using BlockChain and Trusted Execution Environment 

    Ayoade, Ghadebo; Karande, Vishal; Khan, Latifur; Hamlen, Kevin W.
    Due to the centralization of authority in the management of data generated by IoT devices, there is a lack of transparency in how user data is being shared among third party entities. With the popularity of adoption of ...