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    • Integrating Cyber Security and Data Science for Social Media: A Position Paper 

      Thuraisingham, Bhavani M.; Kantarcioglu, Murat; Khan, Latifur
      Cyber security and data science are two of the fastest growing fields in Computer Science and more recently they are being integrated for various applications. This position paper will review the developments in applying ...
    • SAIL: A Scalable Wind Turbine Fault Diagnosis Platform: A Case Study on Gearbox Fault Diagnosis 

      Bahojb Imani, Maryam; Heydarzadeh, Mehrdad; Chandra, Swarup; Khan, Latifur; Nourani, Mehrdad
      Failure of a wind turbine is largely attributed to faults that occur in its gearbox. Maintenance of this machinery is very expensive, mainly due to large downtime and repair cost. While much attention has been given to ...
    • Towards Self-Adaptive Metric Learning on the Fly 

      Gao, Yang; Li, Yi-Fan; Chandra, Swarup; Khan, Latifur; Thuraisingham, Bhavani (Association For Computing Machinery, Inc, 2019-05)
      Good quality similarity metrics can significantly facilitate the performance of many large-scale, real-world applications. Existing studies have proposed various solutions to learn a Mahalanobis or bilinear metric in an ...