Nicole Leeper Piquero joined the UT Dallas Faculty in 2011 and is the Robert E. Holmes Jr. Professor of Criminology. Her reseazrch interests include:

  • White-Collar Crime
  • Criminological Theory
  • Women and Crime

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Recent Submissions

  • White-Collar Crime Is Crime: Victims Hurt Just the Same 

    Piquero, Nicole L.
    No abstract available. From the beginning of the article: "Scholars examining public perceptions of crime seriousness have long shown, through their findings, that white‐collar crimes are considered as equally serious as ...
  • Crime in College Predicts Violent Crime in the National Football League 

    Leal, W.; Piquero, Alex R.; Piquero, Nicole L.; Gertz, M.
    The relationship between past and future crime is one of the most robust findings within criminology. Yet, there have been few attempts to examine whether this linkage holds in specific employment arenas. In this study, ...