Cong Liu is an Associate Professor in the departments of Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Dr. Liu's expertise is in Real-Time Systems and his research interests include:

  • Real-Time and Embedded Systems,
  • Cyber-Physical Systems,
  • Real-Time Operating Systems,
  • Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Computing,
  • Cluster and Cloud Computing
  • Physical-World Attacking/Detecting/Mitigating Vulnerabilities in DNN-driven Autonomous Embedded Systems
  • Predictable GPGPU Computing
  • System-level Optimization in DNN-driven Autonomous Driving

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Recent Submissions

  • Many Suspensions, Many Problems: A Review of Self-Suspending Tasks in Real-Time Systems 

    Chen, J. -J; Nelissen, G.; Huang, W. -H; Yang, M.; Brandenburg, B.; Bletsas, K.; Liu, Cong; Richard, P.; Ridouard, F.; Audsley, N.; Rajkumar, R.; de Niz, D.; von der Brüggen, G.
    In general computing systems, a job (process/task) may suspend itself whilst it is waiting for some activity to complete, e.g., an accelerator to return data. In real-time systems, such self-suspension can cause substantial ...