Hlaing Minn Is Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Information & Communications Systems Lab. His research interests include:

  • Communications Resource Designs and Management
  • Cross-Layer Capacity Enhancement Techniques
  • Spectrum-Agile Systems
  • Cooperative / Relay Systems
  • Robust Rceiver Agorithms Under Practical System Impairments
  • MIMO and Diversity Techniques/Systems
  • Next-Generation Wireless PAN, LAN, MAN, RAN, LTE, LTE-Advanced and IMT-Advanced Systems
  • Wireless Health-Care and Quality-Of-Life Enhancement Technologies.
  • Wireless Communications
  • Signal Processing
  • Estimation
  • Signal Design
  • Interference Management
  • Spectrum Access
  • Millimeter-Wave Systems
  • Heterogeneous Network
  • D2D
  • IoT
  • LTE-A
  • Biomedical Signal Processing,

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