Russell Stoneback is an Assistant Professor of Physics. His research interests include:

  • Ionospheric Electrodynamics and Irregularities
  • Forcing from the Neutral Atmosphere
  • Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling
  • In-Situ Plasma Instruments that Measure Ion Density, Composition, Velocity, and Temperature
  • In-Situ Neutral Particle Instruments that Measure Neutral Density and Velocity
  • Cubesat Platforms, Individual and Constellations
  • Python Tools for Open and Reproducible Space Science
  • Data Based Assimilation Techniques

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Recent Submissions

  • Solar Influences on the Return Direction of High-Frequency Radar Backscatter 

    Burrell, Angeline G.; Perry, G. W.; Yeoman, T. K.; Milan, S. E.; Stoneback, Russell
    Coherent-scatter, high-frequency, phased-array radars create narrow beams through the use of constructive and destructive interference patterns. This formation method leads to the creation of a secondary beam, or lobe, ...