Vito D'Orazio is an Assistant Professor of Political Science. His research interests "are at the intersection of conflict studies and computational methods." This includes:

  • The Causes of Militarized Conflict
  • Peacekeeping and Other Forms of Military Cooperation
  • Conflict Forecasting
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Methods for the Content Analysis of News Reports
  • Social Measurement
  • Data Privacy
  • Software Development
Dr. D'Orazio is also a co-author of TwoRavens, a statistical analysis tool for data exploration, analysis, and meta-analysis

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Recent Submissions

  • Towards Human-Guided Machine Learning 

    Gil, Y.; Honaker, J.; Gupta, S.; Ma, Y.; D'Orazio, Vito; Garijo, D.; Gadewar, S.; Yang, Q.; Jahanshad, N. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2019-03)
    Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) systems are emerging that automatically search for possible solutions from a large space of possible kinds of models. Although fully automated machine learning is appropriate for many ...
  • TwoRavens for Event Data 

    D'Orazio, Vito; Deng, Marcus; Shoemate, Michael
    Event data contains information for descriptive, predictive and inferential statistical analysis of political and social actions. The varied formats and large size of event datasets present considerable difficulties for ...