Murat Torlak is a Professor of Electrical Engineering. His research interests include:

  • Signal processing techniques for automotive radars
  • Radio frequency interference in radio astronomy signals
  • Spectrum sensing for cognitive radios
  • Experimental evaluation of space-time coding and MIMO algorithms
  • Multiple antenna testbed development
  • Radio Resource Management in Space Division Multiple Access Networks
  • Real-Time Implementation of Wireless Systems
  • Optimizing radio link protocols over wireless links
  • Low-Complexity receivers for CDMA, MC-CDMA, and OFDM-CDMA Systems
  • Vector Channel Modeling for smart antenna systems

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Recent Submissions

  • Near-Field MIMO-SAR Millimeter-Wave Imaging With Sparsely Sampled Aperture Data 

    Yanik, Muhammet Emin; Torlak, Murat (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019-03-04)
    The primary challenge of a cost-effective and low-complexity near-field millimeter-wave (mmWave) imaging system is to achieve high resolution with a few antenna elements as possible. Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) ...