Matthew J. Brown is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology. His general area of research interest is in the Philosophy of Science and specifically includes:

  • The nature of models and of scientific evidence
  • The role of experiment in the scientific process
  • The study of John Dewey's writings on scientific method and the logic of inquiry
  • Paul Feyerabend's critical and positive work on method and models
  • The history and philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, both the early history (1880-1940), and in recent debates in cognitive science related to the emergence of theories of cognition called social, distributed, extended, etc.
  • The nature of evidence, where I set out a model of evidence that is functionalist, complex, dynamical, and contextual
  • The science and democracy relevant both to debates about the democratization of science and to initiatives for evidence-based public policy

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