William Lloyd Birch was born September 7th, 1917 in Calexico, California. He graduated from Kern County Union High School and entered the Army Air Forces in 1939, at March Field, California. Birch attended Bombsight Maintenance School at Lowry Field, Colorado prior to the Doolittle Raid. Birch was the bombardier with crew number 11, the 11th plane to take off for the Raid. After bombing its targets, and shooting at some patrol boats in Tokyo Bay, crew 11 bailed out of their bomber 200 miles inland over China. They were recovered by friendly forces. Birch attended pilot training school after the raid at Lubbock Field, Texas. He was posted to several stateside assignments and was separated from the service in 1945.
Birch’s decorations included Distinguished Flying Cross, and Chinese Army, Navy, and Air Corps Medal, Class A, 1st class. Birch passed away in Temecula, California on November 18th, 2006.

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