Wooram Park is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include;

  • Robotics
  • biomedical robots
  • computational structural biology
  • image processing
  • modeling and path planning of flexible medical needles
  • developing computational algorithms for single-particle electron microscopy
  • analyzing human motions based on the musculoskeletal model for human body.

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Recent Submissions

  • Dynamic Analysis for Motor-Powered Periotomes in Dentistry 

    Lin, Jianping; Sharma, Om A.; Park, Wooram (Amer Soc Mechanical Engineers, 2018-11-09)
    A periotome is a hand-held manual instrument that dentists use during tooth extraction. Using the sharp blade at the tool tip, dentists cut the periodontal ligaments that bonds the alveolar bone and the cementum surrounding ...