Real-Time Smartphone Apps Integrating Signal Processing Modules of Hearing Aids




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This thesis covers the integration of several signal processing modules that appear in digital hearing aids as real-time smartphone apps. The modules that are considered for integration in the developed apps in this thesis are voice activity detector, supervised noise classifier, noise reduction, and compression. The objective of this work has been to lay the foundation for realtime implementation of integrating various signal processing pipelines that are used in digital hearing aids on the smartphone platform as an open source platform which is widely used and carried by people. More specifically, two integrations are covered in this thesis. The first integration involves combining a previously developed voice activity detector and a previously developed supervised noise classifier into a real-time smartphone app. The second integration involves combining another previously developed voice activity detector, a previously developed noise reduction, and the compression module in the MATLAB Audio System Toolbox into a real-time smartphone app. The results obtained indicate that the developed integrations run in real-time on both iOS and Android smartphones.



Real-time control, Smartphones, Mobile apps, Hearing aids, Signal processing—Digital techniques


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