Utilization of 3D Photorealistic Virtual Models of Outcrop Geology and Implementation of Customized Graphic User Interfaces




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This research demonstrates the use of 3D Photorealistic Virtual Models of Outcrop Geology. The primary goal of this research is to combine 2D geologic analysis and investigation with 3D virtual technology in order to maximize collaboration, efficiency (time management), and data management. A system of intuitive graphic user interfaces (GUIs) containing a collection of activities and instructions for 3D geologic analysis was developed to test the effectiveness, ease, and range of use of the virtual models. The graphic user interfaces were developed for various technologically capable levels to provide maximum usage by a variety of users without the need for extensive software training. The 3D models utilized provide opportunity for field visits that can be taken virtually multiple times. Models will not replace field geology experiences but will enrich analysis and inquiry opportunities. Having access to a site multiple times using 3D virtual models and customized GUIs can provide the user more time to analyze and understand geologic concepts than allowed during a single field visit to an outcrop. The GUIs are designed to run using ArcGIS software and Microsoft windows, both which will require minimum time investment (for learning software) on the part of the user. 3D models and GUI tutorials are also being made accessible to students via the internet www.utdallas.edu/igeology) and social networking sites like FaceBook and YouTube. Social networking sites will provide easy and repeated access to the data.



Icons (Computer graphics), Outcrops (Geology), Geological modeling, Three-dimensional imaging



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