Maximisation of the Number of β-View Covered Targets in Visual Sensor Networks




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In some applications using visual sensor networks (VSNs), the facing directions of targets are bounded. Therefore existing full-view coverage (all the facing directions of a target constitutes a disk) is not necessary. We propose a novel model called β-view coverage model through which only necessary facing directions of a target are effectively viewed. This model uses much fewer cameras than those used by full-view coverage model. Based on β-view coverage model, a new problem called β-view covered target maximisation (BVCTM) problem is proposed to maximise the number of β-view covered targets given some fixed and freely rotatable camera sensors. We prove its NP-hardness and transform it into an Integer Linear Programming problem equivalently. Besides, a (1 - e - 1 )-factor approximate algorithm and a camera-utility based greedy algorithm are given for this problem. Finally, we conduct many experiments and investigate the influence of many parameters on these two algorithms. © 2019 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.


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Sensor networks--Visual, Integer Linear Programming


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