Study of CP Violation in Dalitz-Plot Analyses of B⁰→K⁺K⁻K_S⁰, B⁺→K⁺K⁻K⁺, and B⁺→K_S⁰ K_S⁰K⁺


We perform amplitude analyses of the decays B⁰→K⁺K⁻K_S⁰, B⁺→K⁺K⁻K⁺, and B⁺→K_S⁰K_S⁰K⁺, and measure CP-violating parameters and partial branching fractions. The results are based on a data sample of approximately 470 × 10⁶ BB̄ decays, collected with the BABAR detector at the PEP-II asymmetric-energy B factory at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. For B⁺→K⁺K⁻K⁺, we find a direct CP asymmetry in B⁺→φ(1020)K₊ of A_{CP}=(12.8±4.4±1.3)%, which differs from zero by 2.8σ. For B⁰→K⁺K⁻K_S⁰, we measure the CP-violating phase β_{eff}(φ(1020)K_S⁰)=(21±6±2)°. For B⁺→K_S⁰K_S⁰K⁺→K_S⁰K_S⁰K⁺, we measure an overall direct CP asymmetry of A {CP}=(4{-5}^{+4} ± 2)%. We also perform an angular-moment analysis of the three channels and determine that the ʄχ(1500) state can be described well by the sum of the resonances ʄ₀(1500), ʄ′₂(1525), and ʄ₀(1710).



CP violation (Nuclear physics), Dalitz-plot analysis


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