Search for a Light Higgs Resonance in Radiative Decays of the ϒ(1S) with a Charm Tag


A search is presented for the decay ϒ(1S)→γA⁰, A⁰→cc̅, where A⁰ is a candidate for the CP-odd Higgs boson of the next-to-minimal supersymmetric standard model. The search is based on data collected with the BABAR detector at the ϒ(2S) resonance. A sample of ϒ(1S) mesons is selected via the decay ϒ(2S)→π⁺π⁻ ϒ(1S). The A⁰→cc̅ decay is identified through the reconstruction of hadronic D⁰, D⁺, and D∗(2010)+ meson decays. No significant signal is observed. The measured 90% confidence-level upper limits on the product branching fraction ℬ(ϒ(1S)→γA⁰) × ℬ(A⁰→cc̅) range from 7.4×10⁻⁵ to 2.4×10⁻³ for A⁰ masses from 4.00 to 8.95 GeV/c² and 9.10 to 9.25GeV/c², where the region between 8.95 and 9.10 GeV/c² is excluded because of background from ϒ(2S)→γχbJ(1P), χbJ(1P)→γϒ(1S) decays.



Branching fractions (Nuclear physics), Higgs bosons, Vertex functions, Minimal supersymmetric standard model, Photons, Pions


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