Functional Polymers for Drug Delivery and Opto-Electronic Applications




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Polymers are promising macromolecules that have been extensively used in a range of applications such as biomedical, optoelectronic, and catalysts. These polymer materials can be designed with a wide range of architecture and functionalities. The functionalization of the polymer backbone offers new properties to improve the existing polymer material. This study focuses on the synthesis of functionalized polycaprolactone and pyrimidine polymers and improvement in properties to apply in drug delivery and opto-electronic applications. Chapter 1 discusses the recent advances in biodegradable polyesters for drug delivery systems. Polyesters are an attractive material which has been extensively used in biomedical application. There has been a significant amount of attention on modification of polyesters and its application in drug delivery systems. This chapter discusses the synthesis and design of aliphatic polyester materials and its various applications. Chapter 2 describes the synthesis of thermo-responsive linear and star-like block copolymers from functionalized polycaprolactones, a class of biodegradable polyesters. The functionalized polycaprolactone was used to develop polymer micellar carrier to encapsulate anti-cancer drug, Doxorubicin. The effect of polymer functionalization and architecture in polymer property and drug loading are discussed. Chapter 3 discusses co-delivery of Doxorubicin and Resveratrol in linear and star-like polymer micellar drug carriers. The favorable interaction between drugs and functional groups of the polymer backbone significantly enhances the drug loading. The simultaneous delivery of DOX and Resveratrol is a promising approach for improving drug loading and antitumor activity. Chapter 4 discusses the synthesis and characterization of a series of pyrimidine-containing donor acceptor conjugated polymers. The pyrimidine polymer was functionalized with electron with drawing and -donating pendent groups. The electron-withdrawing strength of the pendent groups was systematically varied to study its effect on opto-electronic properties of the conjugated polymer.



Polymers, Polycaprolactone, Drug delivery systems, Pyrimidines, Biodegradable plastics, Polyesters, Block copolymers, Conjugated polymers