Three Chapters on Water Resource Management in Texas


May 2023

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These three chapters on water resource management in Texas highlight how water consumption may change in response to the various management and conservation efforts. These observations of water consumption across different types of water use in multiple regions of Texas help further contribute to the current literature on water conservation efforts due to the uncertainties in water supply and growing demand. The analyses in my dissertation is relevant to Texas water providers and others trying to tackle potential water shortages. In my dissertation, I analyze how water management efforts differ for groundwater and shed light on how water consumption and pricing may vary depending on different management efforts. My dissertation starts with a comprehensive analysis of pricing practices in 423 municipalities across Texas from 2014 to 2020 and their impact on residential water consumption. The dissertation also considers other demographic and climatic factors combined with the pricing analysis that might reflect both the demand and supply side. Besides residential water consumption, my dissertation also sheds light on water conservation efforts tailored to irrigation water and further investigates their respective economic impacts. Moreover, it is essential to note that water conservation efforts may also need to be tailored to different water sources. My results together help provide water providers with more detailed factors to consider when managing water differently across different uses and sources of water.



Economics, General