Understanding Daily Adolescent Disclosure: Associations with Mother and Adolescent Daily Mood




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Adolescent disclosure is important to foster a healthy parent-adolescent relationship and has implications for reducing adolescents’ involvement in risky behaviors. However, the adolescent literature has not considered whether the amount of information adolescents disclose to their parents may vary from one day to the next. Using 109 mother-adolescent dyads, the current study examined if daily variability in adolescent disclosure exists and if adolescent and mother positive and negative mood is associated with this daily variability. Mothers and adolescents participated in a seven-day daily diary study where they were each asked to report on their daily positive and negative mood and their perceptions of adolescent disclosure. Seven multilevel models tested if there was significant daily variability in adolescents’ reports of disclosure, the unique relation of each individual’s daily mood, and the interactive associations of their daily mood on adolescent reported disclosure. Two exploratory questions examined these associations of daily mood with mothers’ reports of adolescent disclosure as well as the combined effects of mothers’ and adolescents’ positive and negative mood on disclosure. Results suggested that adolescents’ and mothers’ reports of adolescent disclosure varied daily and between adolescents. In the primary models examining adolescents’ reports of disclosure, adolescents’ overall positive mood was associated with higher levels of disclosure. In the exploratory models utilizing mothers’ reports of adolescent disclosure, on days when mothers reporting experiencing a more positive mood, they perceived their adolescent to disclose more information to them. Results from the current study can help lay the foundation for future research and practice that aims to improve parent-adolescent daily communication.



Adolescent psychology, Self-disclosure in adolescence, Parent and teenager, Mother and child



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