Impact of Manufacturing Imperfections and Extreme Thermal and Physical Stress on the Performance of Electrochemical Energy Converters




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This thesis discusses important factors that affect the performance of a machine. These are categorized based on the manufacturing processes of the magnetic steel and effects of high-energy magnets on the rotor core of specific machines. The first factor examines the effects of cutting process such as Punch, Laser-jet and Water-jet on the magnetic properties of the core. The critical components such as relative permeability and core loss characteristics of the ferromagnetic core are discussed to study their effect on the overall performance of the machine. The second factor as previously mentioned focuses on the influence of high-energy magnets on the magnetic properties of steel laminations in Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (PMSM). Relative permeability of the lamination is found to decrease when it is kept in contact with high-energy magnets for a prolonged period of time. The significance of these two factors on the design of motors has been highlighted. Experiments and simulations are conducted to study the effects of these factors on the torque and speed characteristics of the machine.



Electromechanical devices, Magnets, Permanent magnet motors, Electric motors, Synchronous, Manufacturing processes


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