Virtual Geologic Environments: Interfaces to Incorporate Visualization and Analyses of 3-D Models in Geoscience Education and Research




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Advancements in photogrammetric modeling and 3-D visualization have provided excellent tools for remotely viewing geological phenomena around the world. These digital approaches to Geology can improve the accuracy and proficiency of 3-D outcrop model characterization, and can act as analogs for reservoir modeling and virtual geologic studies. This dissertation work demonstrates original, intuitive, desktop and web application graphic-user-interfaces for use in geoscience education and research. Pre-built 3-D virtual geologic models are combined with traditional field methods to allow quantitative and qualitative analyses, with detailed examinations of the distribution, dimension, and shape of geological features. Modules are designed for new geoscience researchers, and provide the user with geological site background information, 3-D geologic models and site-specific research questions and learning objectives. Geologic locations examined include the Arbuckle and Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma, North Central Texas, southern California/Nevada and Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada.



Outcrops (Geology), Earth sciences—Study and teaching, Virtual reality in education, Photogrammetry


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