A Fast Phase Variable abc Model of Brushless PM Motors under Demagnetization Faults



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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.



This paper addresses a simple and computationally efficient dynamic model for brushless permanent magnet (PM) motors under PM demagnetization faults. The impact of stator slots and spatial disposition of the windings are taken into account to improve the accuracy of a lumped-parameter abc model. This model is suitable for tracking the dynamic behavior of fault components as it can be accompanied by any control scheme and/or be used for model-based fault detection schemes. In addition, parameters of this model can be automatically tuned by an optimization process in the off-line phase of the healthy machine. Finite element simulations are carried out for proving the effectiveness of the proposed model. Verifica-tion is done in both time and frequency domains for four PM motors with different rotor and stator configurations. The simulation results are experimentally verified.


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Brushless direct current electric motors, Computer simulation, Mathematical models, Rotors, Electric generators—Windings, Electric motors, Failure analysis (Engineering), Fault location (Engineering), Permanent magnets, Permanent magnet motors



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