Bistability and Hysteresis in an Optically Injected Two-Section Semiconductor Laser


The effect of coherent single frequency injection on two-section semiconductor lasers is studied numerically using a model based on a set of delay differential equations. The existence of bistability between different continuous-wave and nonstationary regimes of operation is demonstrated in the case of sufficiently large linewidth enhancement factors.



Optical bistability, Hysteresis, Lasers, Linewidth enhancement factors.

SFB 787 of the DFG, Project No. B5; Marie Curie Action FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF; HARMOFIRE project, Grant No. 299288; EU FP7 Marie Curie Action FP7-PEOPLE-2010-ITN through the PROPHET project, Grant No. 264687; E. T. S. Walton Visitors Award of the SFI. G.H. and S.P.H.; Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) under Contract No. 11/PI/1152, and under the framework of the INSPIRE Structured Ph.D. Programme, funded by the Irish Government's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, Cycle 5, National Development Plan 2007–2013.


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