Application-Triggered Automatic Distributed Cloud/Network Resource Coordination by Optically Networked Inter/Intra Data Center



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Everything is being connected to the Cloud and Internet of Things, and network robots with big data analy- sis are creating important applications and services. The cloud network architecture is moving towards mega-cloud data centers (DCs) provided by companies such as Amazon and Google in combination with distributed small DCs or edge computers. While the traditional restrictions im- posed by distance and bandwidth are being overcome by the development of advanced optical interconnection, modern applications impose more complex performance and quality of service requirements in terms of processing power, response time, and data amount. The rise in cloud perfor- mance must be matched by improvements in network per- formance. Therefore, we propose an application-triggered cloud network architecture based on huge-bandwidth optical interconnections. This paper addresses edge/center cloud and edge/edge integration with the use of virtual ma- chine migration. In addition, to reduce energy consumption, an application-triggered intra-DC architecture is described. Using the proposed architectures and technologies can real- ize energy-efficient and high-performance cloud service. © 2009-2012 OSA.


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Computer networks, Computer network architectures, Optical interconnections, Big data, Computer architecture, Energy consumption, Quality of service (Computer networks), Cloud computing


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