Search for the weak decays J/ψ → D{_s^{(*)⁻} e⁺ ν_e + c.c.


Using a sample of 2.25 x 10⁸ J/ψ events collected with the BESIII detector at the BEPCII collider, we search for the J/ψ semileptonic weak decay J/ψ → D(s)⁻ e⁺ν(e) + c.c with a much higher sensitivity than previous searches. We also perform the first search for J/ψ → D(s)^(*⁻) e⁺ν(e) + c.c. No significant excess of a signal above background is observed in either channel. At the 90% confidence level, the upper limits are determined to be ℬ(J/ψ → D(s)^(⁻) e⁺ν(e) + c.c.) < 1.3 x 10⁻⁶ and ℬ(J/ψ → D(s)^(*⁻) e⁺ν(e) + c.c.) < 1.8 X 10⁻⁶, respectively. Both are consistent with Standard Model predictions.



J/psi mesons, Uncertainty, Photons, Particles (Nuclear physics), Signal

National Natural Science Foundation of China under Contracts No. 11079008, No. 11179007, No. 11179014 and No. U1332201; National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) under Contracts No. 10625524, No. 10821063, No. 10835001, No. 11125525, No. 11235011, and No. 11335008; the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) under Contracts No. KJCX2-YW-N29 and No. KJCX2-YW-N45; Ministry of Development of Turkey under Contract No. DPT2006K-120470; National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) under Contract No. 11275189; Russian Foundation for Basic Research under Contract No. 14-07-91152; U. S. Department of Energy under Contracts No. DE-FG02-04ER41291, No. DE-FG02-05ER41374, No. DE-FG02-94ER40823, and No. DESC0010118; WCU Program of National Research Foundation of Korea under Contract No. R32-2008-000-10155-0.


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