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Game program for 2006 Comet baseball and softball teams. Baseball players pictured are David Attaway, Nick Bird, Randy Black, Darryl Blalock, Cole Cantrell, Mike Cargile, Mark Cox, Jake Eisman, Trent Elizondo, Mitchell Elliot, John Elwis, Tim Flasik, Kosuki Fujii, Jayson Garcia, Michael Glynn, Nick Hand, Sam Harrison, Ryan Hellen, Jeff Hinkelman, Jake Jackson, Trpy Kiesling, Hector Limon, Josh Morton, Jason Niswonger Mark Perez, Cameron Perry, Matt Putman, Ryan Ratcliff, Jeremy Reagan, Andre Rodriguez, Brett Rosen, Steven Rubac, Ryan Sablotny, Blair Sache, Trey Schurr, Jason Simmons, Zach Stewart, Drew Waggoner, Jonathan Weatherstone, Chase Whitehead, Jeremy Wright, Darius Wu, Nate Yahn and Clint Zettle. Baseball coaching staff pictured are Shane Shewmake (head coach), Brandon Rains (assistant coach) and Rusell Carter (volunteer assistant). Athletic department staff pictured are Chris Gage, Albert Buckles, Larry Gardner, Bruce Unrue, Brandi Shrier, Jack Peel, John Antonisse, Marci Sanders, Terry Butterfield, Polly Thomason, Bryan Whitt, Chet Cook, Larry Holman, Heather Martinelli, Zach Villarreal and Cody Worden. Women's softball team members pictured are Alex Alkire, Sarah Arldt, Andrina Arenas, Lyndsi Ayers, Karah Brazell, Jana Cain, Lindsey Conklin, Amanda Craig, Daci DeLeon, Amanda Gatewood, Amber Griffin, Stephanie Herrera, Keely Jones, Kate Lightfield, Kelly Rpoberts, Carter Ryan, Kristen Turner, Candace Verstuyft and Danielle Victor. Softball coaching staff pictured are Kim Sotomayor (head coach), Nora Pitpitan (assistant coach) and Noble Hansard (volunteer assistant).


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