Assessment of Psychopathy in the Caribbean : a Puerto Rico Case Study




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Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of empathy and concern for others. This disorder represents a particular issue for the criminal justice system because, as previous research has demonstrated, it poses as a risk factor for criminal behavior and recidivism. However, most of the research on this topic has been conducted in the United States and Canada and experts in the field suggest careful attention should be paid when addressing this topic in other areas where cultural and ethnic differences come into play. This qualitative study addresses psychopathy in the Caribbean, particularly in Puerto Rico where there is a substantial lack of research in this area. Through qualitative interviews with psychologists in Puerto Rico, the present study explores the manifestation and prevalence of psychopathy within the Puerto Rican context, its importance to the Puerto Rican criminal justice system, and how the literature on psychopathy in Puerto Rico can be advanced.



Psychopaths, Crime ǂv Caribbean Area, Crime analysis, Puerto Rico