Chip-Array 2: Integrating Multiple Omics Data to Construct Gene Regulatory Networks


Transcription factors (TFs) play an important role in gene regulation. The interconnections among TFs, chromatin interactions, epigenetic marks and cisregulatory elements form a complex gene transcription apparatus. Our previous work, ChIP-Array, combined TF binding and transcriptome data to construct gene regulatory networks (GRNs). Here we present an enhanced version, ChIP-Array 2, to integrate additional types of omics data including long-range chromatin interaction, open chromatin region and histone modification data to dissect more comprehensive GRNs involving diverse regulatory components. Moreover, we substantially extended our motif database for human, mouse, rat, fruit fly, worm, yeast and Arabidopsis, and curated large amount of omics data for users to select as input or backend support. With ChIP-Array 2, we compiled a library containing regulatory networks of 18 TFs/chromatin modifiers in mouse embryonic stem cell (mESC). The web server and the mESC library are publicly free and accessible at



Chromatin, Histones, Pou5f1 protein, mouse, Transcription factors, Transcriptome

Research Grants Council (781511M, 17121414M); National Natural Science Foundation (91229105); University of Hong Kong (201409176183).


CC BY 4.0 (Attribution), ©2015 The Authors