Acoustic Feedback Cancellation and Dynamic Range Compression for Hearing Aids and Its Real-Time Implementation




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Hearing aid devices (HADs) are the most common form of rehabilitation for people with sensorineural hearing loss. Dynamic range compression (DRC) is a key operation in HADs, responsible for mapping the input dynamic range to the residual dynamic range of a hearing impaired (HI) person. Moreover, it personalizes the frequency-dependent amplification to the input signal for a HI user. The output of the DRC is played back by the loudspeaker of the HAD to the user. Due to the small size of the HADs, the microphone present on HAD inevitably picks up the loudspeaker signal creating an acoustic feedback loop. Uncontrolled acoustic feedback can lead to the well known “howling” or “whistling” sound. In addition, acoustic feedback introduces artifacts in the desired signal and limits the achievable amplification by HADs. The contribution of this thesis is two folds. First, it gives an overview of signal processing aspects of personalized DRC in HADs and its implementation on smartphone devices. Second, it presents an efficient real-time approach for canceling the acoustic feedback in an adaptive manner.



Hearing aids, Hearing aids -- Design and construction, Feedback (Electronics), Compression (Audiology)


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