Toward Highly Reliable, Smart and Open Optical Networks


December 2022


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As more software and applications requiring greater bandwidth are developed and become more popular, the need for a reliable and high-speed communication network grows. Optical transport network is uniquely positioned to deliver the required speed and capacity. The development of software defined optical networking technology has dramatically improved the operability, flexibility, and effectiveness of optical networks. Through modeling and algorithm optimization of network resource management and monitoring of network signal transmission quality, it improves the awareness of the network, reduces the network failure rate, and improves the network operation efficiency. At the same time, the proposal of open optical network breaks the barrier between different vendors, unifies the standard of each interface, and greatly accelerates the development of the optical network. Open optical network also accelerates the optimization and management of network resources, providing prerequisites for the development of more applications, technologies, and algorithms. In this dissertation, the analytical models for the network blocking probability under first-fit algorithm are introduced. The effect of optical signal quality of transmission margin on the performance of optical networks is explored and a method using neural network to model the WSS filtering penalty is proposed. An open optical network architecture, OpenROADM, is introduced, and the applications developed based on this open optical network platform are described. Moreover, an emulator that can work with the OpenROADM simulator to provide a realistic optical network environment is developed.



Engineering, Electronics and Electrical