Wide Bandgap Device-Based Power Converter for Integrated Motor Drive System




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Power electronics converters have been widely applied to motor drive systems to decrease the energy consumption by allowing for variable frequency operation. With the requirement of carbon emission reduction, variable frequency drive system will become a trend in the future. Conventional power converters employ Silicon IGBT and are physically separated from the electric machines. With the development of wide bandgap power semiconductors, such as SiC MOSFET and GaN HEMT, it becomes possible to build high temperature, high power density converter and integrate the power converter directly into housing of the motors. However, because of the limited space, high temperature, and high magnetic flux density inside electric machines, integration of power converter into a motor becomes a challenging work. This study presents the research on high power density converter and the integration of power converter into an induction motor. In this study, two prototypes of GaN HEMT-based power converter are built and integrated into a 3-hp induction motor. The PCB layout of power stage is investigated and optimized. The leakage magnetic flux on the surface of the power converter is simulated and experimentally measured. To facilitate the thermal dissipation of the power converter, the motor endcap is redesigned and the thermal analysis is performed for the integrated motor drive system as a whole. The topologies of power converter with an active front-end rectifier are investigated and compared, and the totem-pole rectifier with power pulsation buffer is selected as the front-end stage. With the GaN converter integrated into the induction motor, the variable frequency operation of the integrated motor drive system is validated through experimental test.



Electric motors, Induction, Electric current converters, Wide gap semiconductors, Motors



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