The University of Texas at Dallas Men's Soccer

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Game program for 2001 men's soccer team. Comet team members mentioned include Trent Abbott, Tadd Allen, Adam Allgood, Estevan Chavarria, Jaime Dohm, Travis Duval, Ross Elder, Jason Ellison, Adam Esposito, Josh Harms, Jason Hirsch, Alan Imberman, Jeff Lehmann, Chad Lehmann, Tim Lilly, Bret Lynch, David Martin, Peter McGrane, Bryan Mitchel, Christopher Nelson, Ricky Page, Phillip Pizzurro, James D. Pomposelli, Amir Sarrafzedeh, Steve Sanders, Eric Schirmer, Matthew Spinek, Petar Tomov, Jairo Torres, Gui Vieiro, Ngoc Vo and Jeff White. Also mentioned are Jack Peel (Head Coach), Scott Turner (Assistant Coach), Jeremy Morse (Assistant Coach) and Jimmy Elder (Assistant Coach). Identifiable players in action on the front cover and inside are Chad Lehmann (#11), Alan Imberman (#5), Trent Abbott (#17), Jairo Torres, Jason Hirsch (#19) and Matthew Spinek (#14).
Soccer, UT Dallas athletics, UT Dallas athletic department, UT Dallas coaching staff
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