Organizational Communication and Performance in the Public and Nonprofit Sector




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Organizational communication performance has been paid less attention in the field of public administration research even though communication is one of the core elements of every organization’s practices. The three separate studies that compose the dissertation have been undertaken with a purpose of investigating the impacts of internal and external communication on organizational performance in the public and nonprofit sectors. The first study examines the effects of communication types on innovation and compares the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors. The study finds that meeting with the executive director and the number of communication channels utilized in an organization has a positive impact on innovation in the nonprofit sector; however, there is no such impact in the public sector. The second paper explores the different mediating impacts of internal communication on the SHRM-performance relationship across the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors. Overall, major findings from the study indicate that there exists substantial variation in the effects of SHRM and internal communication on organizational performance across the three sectors. The results show that internal communication only has significant mediating effects on organizational performance in the for-profit sector, but not in the public and nonprofit sectors. The third study focuses on nonprofits, especially museums in the U.S. and investigates the effects of traditional and social media communication usage on the financial performance. This study finds that the number of Facebook engagements is positively associated with revenue diversification and equity ratio. Furthermore, this paper also finds that the number of non-social media communication channels and the number of social media channels is not associated with administrative cost ratio. These results indicate that social media engagement with communities by nonprofit organizations may improve long term financial performance without critically burdensome administration costs.



Communication in organizations, Organizational effectiveness, Public administration, Nonprofit organizations, Business enterprises—Finance


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