Geovisualizing Attribute Uncertainty of Interval and Ratio Variables: A Framework and an Implementation for Vector Data




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This is a prototype implementation for attribute uncertainty visualization based on bivariate. Specifically, the uncertainty visualizations implemented based on three different ways. First, an overlaid symbols on a choropleth map (OSCM) strategy is implemented to visualize attribute uncertainty. A choropleth map is used to represent attributes at the ratio scale, and additional overlaid symbols, such as textures (spacing), circles (size), and bars (size), visualize attribute uncertainty Second, a coloring properties to proportional symbols (CPPS) strategy is applied. A proportional symbol map is more appropriate to represent raw counts or frequencies, and attribute uncertainty can be represented by color saturation and color value in the hue-saturation-value (HSV) color model of proportional symbols. Finally, a composite symbols (CS) strategy is utilized to represent the possible range of an attribute value with its confidence interval. Symbols in CS are constructed with three different sizes of symbol overlaid for each individual location. Two of these symbols represent uncertainty by visualizing the upper and lower limits of attribute values for a given confidence level. Thus, the CS strategy allows users to directly compare uncertainties with corresponding attribute values and their confidence intervals. The ESRI ArcGIS add-in installation file is compatible with ArcGIS 10.x, and developed in .NET framework 4.5 and ArcObject 10.5. It requires Microsoft Windows Vista or higher.


To install software: 1) Download software. 2) Double click "GeovisAttUncer.esriAddIn" to launch ESRI ArcGIS Add-In Installation Utility. 3) Click Install "Add-In button" to copy the add-in file to your default ArcGIS add-in folder. 4) Open ArcMap and click "Customize" menu. Select "toolbars" and "Uncertainty visualization." .


Information visualization–Computer programs, Uncertainty, Bivariate mapping, Geovisualization, Geographic information systems


CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, ©2017 The Authors.