Chemical and Electrical Characterization of the HfO2/InAlAs Interface


InAlAs has the potential to be used as a barrier layer in buried channel quantum well field effect transistor devices due to favorable lattice-matching and carrier confinement properties with InGaAs. Field effect device structures of this nature may also require a high-k oxide deposited on the InAlAs surface to reduce leakage current. This study investigates the impact of surface preparations and atomic layer deposition of HfO2 on these surfaces using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to analyse the chemical interactions taking place, as well as the electrical performance of associated capacitor devices. A large concentration of As related surface features is observed at the InAlAs surface, and is attributed to a large Dit response in electrical measurements.



Indium Aluminum Arsenide, Oxides


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Brennan, B., R. V. Galatage, K. Thomas, E. Pelucchi, et al. 2013. "Chemical and electrical characterization of the HfO2/InAlAs interface." 114(104103): 1-8.