Another Wavelength From You: Notes From Within the Algorithm


May 2023


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Another Wavelength From You: Notes From Within The Algorithm is a transformative art book in the style of a 1970/80s scientific manual containing images and process documentation of various art experiments that have been conceptually guided by artificial intelligence. Each experiment contains elements of “intentional glitch” techniques that I have created or manipulated using analogue technologies, coded algorithms, or a combination of both. Individually, each piece is unique from the next, and no experimentation has been digitally faked, e.g. no imitation through Photoshop or other similar application was performed. The book itself, including the aesthetic treatment and experimentation within, represents art through physical artifact — the book is the art. In addition to the scientific manual, Shades of Cool, an 11’ x 6’ hard-edge hanging sculpture made of wood, metal, and stretched fabric will be showcased in the Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building atrium at The University of Texas at Dallas from April - July 2023. Sketches and design for this piece were digitally rendered for Another Wavelength using artificial intelligence.



Artificial Intelligence