Real-Time Simulink Implementation of Noise Adaptive Speech Processing Pipeline of Cochlear Implants




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This thesis presents a real-time Simulink implementation of a noise adaptive speech processing pipeline for cochlear implants that was developed in a previous work. After providing an overview of each component or module in the pipeline, it is described how each module is implemented in Simulink so that the input audio frames are processed in real-time. This Simulink implementation allows the same code to be run on different hardware boards that are supported by Simulink. The performance of this implemented pipeline is evaluated in terms of five objective measures of speech quality. The results obtained indicate the effectiveness of suppressing noise in this speech processing pipeline when using the implemented automatic mechanism to identify the noise environment. This thesis also presents a low-latency smartphone app to achieve real-time noise reduction of speech signals in noisy sound environments.



Cochlear implants, Noise control, Speech processing systems, Smartphones, Mobile apps


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