Nonlinear Dynamics in the Switched Reluctance Motor Drive with Time-Delay Feedback Control



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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.


This paper examines the modes of operation and potential subharmonic and chaotic behaviors exhibited in the switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive which employs modified PI controller with time-delay feedback. An 8/6 pole, 2.32 kW SRM is used as the model for this study. The analytical modelling of the SR drive system, and simulation analysis of phase current, electromagnetic torque, and motor speed are presented. The bifurcation diagrams of motor speed under parametric variations of the time-delay function are also demonstrated. Based on these results, the effect of time-delay feedback on motor operation is briefly discussed. ©2019 IEEE.


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Bifurcation theory, Reluctance motors, Switched, Feedback control systems, Time delay systems, Timing circuits, Reluctance motors


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