Post-Terrona. A Drawing Project About an Imaginative Reconfiguration of the Southern Italian Woman




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This work is a combination of artistic and scholarly research about the southern Italian woman (terrona). By analyzing a variety of media, I investigate the southern Italian woman’s stereotype and I discuss how she has been represented in novels, movies, television shows, and popular culture as loud, choleric, sexualized, and maternal. In addition, I conduct an imaginative experiment where I transform the terrona’s patriarchal stereotype into a reconfiguration of her image where she is represented as an empowered and satisfied woman. To do this, I connect the terrona’s traditional image to the natural resources of the Mediterranean environment, and I fantasize about how this relationship transforms the terrona from a marginalized and oppressed woman into an empowered one. This theoretical material is used in my artistic practice to inform my drawings. In my drawings, I represent the traditional terrona as loud, sexualized, and maternal. I also portray the reconfigured terrona as having political power, feeling sexual pleasure, and being emotionally fulfilled. In this way, by adopting a combination of theoretical research and artistic practice, I conduct a feminist investigation about the terrona’s social condition while also proposing an imaginative reconfiguration of her stereotype.



Feminism and art, Feminism in art, Stereotypes (Social psychology), Italians in art, Italians, Italy, Southern, Women -- Italy