Spice-Only Model for Spin-Transfer Torque Domain Wall MTJ Logic


2019 IEEE


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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.



The spin-transfer torque domain wall (DW) magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) enables spintronic logic circuits that can be directly cascaded without deleterious signal conversion circuitry and is one of the only spintronic devices for which cascading has been demonstrated experimentally. However, experimental progress has been impeded by a cumbersome modeling technique that requires a combination of micromagnetic and SPICE simulations. This paper, therefore, presents a SPICE-only device model that efficiently determines the DW motion resulting from spin accumulation and calculates the corresponding MTJ resistance. This model has been validated through comparison to the authoritative micromagnetic-based model, enabling reliable prediction of circuit behavior as a function of device parameters with a 10 000 × reduction in the simulation time. This model thus enables deeper device and circuit investigation, advancing the prospects for nonvolatile spintronic computing systems that overcome the von Neumann bottleneck. ©2019 IEEE.


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Spintronics, Computers—Circuits, Magnetic devices



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