Sustaining Innovations and Disruptive Technologies: Implications for Mobile Health (mHealth) Care Platforms




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mHealth technology is at the dawn of its effect on humanity and global health. Just as the cell phone rapidly morphed from a sustaining local innovation to a global disruptive innovation, mHealth technology and ecosystems will rapidly morph and expand beyond their original scope.
This paper proposes a limited, predictive analytic method approach to consider mHealth elements. Based on deconstructionist theories of Foucault, affordance theories of Gibson, forecasting theories of Tetlock, and a simple Fermi Estimation prediction model, a simple predictive model for comparing mHealth elements in an IoT wireless ecosystem is presented.

The necessity for frictionally more cost-effective health care solutions is one that mHealth technology can effectively address. Improved forecast methodology assists in selecting the “most right” mHealth specific methods and technologies to develop and pursue.



Wireless communication systems in medical care, Disruptive technologies, Internet of things, Markov processes, Kalman filtering, Technological forecasting


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