Functional Nano-Dispensers (FNDs) for Delivery of Insecticides against Phytopathogen Vectors



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Royal Society of Chemistry


Imidacloprid is a widely used insecticide against a variety of insect vectors. Imidacloprid may have a negative environmental impact, as well as toxic effects to animals and humans. In this work, we describe Functional Nano-Dispensers (FNDs), based on polymeric encapsulation of imidacloprid, into poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) particles 5-10 μm in size, using the solvent-evaporation method. Our goal was to develop a formulation that may decrease the negative environmental impact of this widely used insecticide. In vivo experiments were conducted comparing the efficacy of FNDs against Asian citrus psyllids (Diaphorina citri) with a commercial formulation of imidacloprid. FNDs releasing imidacloprid caused equivalent mortality of insects as compared with the current commercial formulation, yet at a dosage 200 times lower.


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Imidacloprid, Citrus, Asian citrus psyllid, Insects, Jumping plant-lice

"This work was partially funded by the Citrus Research and Development Foundation."


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