Infrastructure Is/As Art: Murmurs, Gossip, and Noise




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In an educational institution that pursues avant-garde technology, science and art, where and how does art inhabit the infrastructure of the institution? The building that the school of Art, Technology and Emerging Communication occupies at the University of Texas at Dallas allows for this question to be explored as it has been built envisioning such an academic program. Technology exists within the infrastructure of the building, the fiber optic cables that allow for internet access, the copper cables for electricity, the card readers to control access, wi-fi and beacons. The scientists have their own electronic/mechanical devices installed within their labs, tools of precision and measurement that require adaptation of the "original" structure of the building in order to accommodate such devices. What space does art occupy? Is art the veneer that covers the walls? Is it then secondary to the technological apparatus that exists within the walls and all around the building infrastructure? Can art be part of the infrastructure?



Infrastructure (Economics), Interactive art, Architecture -- Designs and plans, Architecture and technology, Architecture in art