UT-Dallas Basketball 2005 American Southwest Conference Champions




Brochure celebrates the Comet's 2005 ASC Tournament Championship. Brochure is tri-fold with three panels on one side and a review of the 2004-05 season on the reverse.The roster lists players Travis Carruthers , Don Staten, Jeremy Lewis, Chase Whitehead, Frank Faber, Kersh Milson, Martin Salinas, Jason Malone, Brent Anderson, Richard Gravenstein, Adam Bush, Bart Holloway, Tyrone Hurt, Jay Swafford and Eric Chatham, Coaching staff lists Terry Butterfield (head coach), Chet Cook (assistant coach) and Jeremiah Piper (manager). On the reverse are action photos of Jason Malone (#24), Kersh Milson (#22), Martin Salinas (#23), and Frank Faber (#21). There are also pictures of Terry Butterfield and Chet Cook. A sidebar of "Fast Facts" includes information about UT Dallas, Coach Butterfield's record, the history of the program, inforrmation about the 2004-05 season, a list of athletic support staff and contact information. Another sidebar lists the awards won by Comet team members during the season.


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